Meet the Team

Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consists of 5 members and the Middle Leadership Team (MLT) contains all the departments to help keep our VA running smoothly.

The departments within the MLT are as follows; Recruitment, Human Resources (HR), Flight Superviors, Events Managers and Mentors.

Below you'll see the list of the staff members which partake in keeping this Virtual Airline ahead of it's time!

CJ Houghton


IFC - CJHoughton

Adam Williams

Deputy President

IFC - Adam_Williams

Ben Tyson

Deputy President

IFC - BenTyson

Boodz G

Recruitment Manager

IFC - Boodz_G

Darragh O'Donoghue

HR Manager

IFC - Darragh_ODonoghue

Liam Smart

Flight Supervisor

IFC - Liam_Smart

Harry Xu

Flight Supervisor

IFC - Hazza68

Chris Wing

Flight Supervisor

IFC - Chris_Wing

Miles Snowdon

Events Manager

IFC - 21Cabbage

Max Burrell

Events Manager

IFC - Max_Burrell