Meet the Team

Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consists of 3 members, and the Operational Leadership Team (OLT) contains all the departments to help keep our VA running smoothly.

The departments within the OLT are as follows; Recruitment, Human Resources (HR), Flight Supervision, Events Management. We also have an exclusive team of Mentors who help maintain piloting standards and answer any and all questions within the Virtual Airline.

Below you'll see the list of the staff members which partake in keeping this Virtual Airline ahead of it's time!

The Senior Leadership Team

Chris Wing


IFC - Chris_Wing

Jon Hasselhoff

Deputy President

IFC - Jon_H

Matevz Treven

Deputy President

IFC - Matevz_Treven

The Operational Leadership Team

Daisy Palmer

Recruitment Manager

IFC - Speedbird_286

John Reid

Events Manager

IFC - Felixcat

Harry Xu

Co-Flight Supervisor

IFC - Hazza68

Beau Giles

Co-Flight Supervisor

IFC - Beau_Giles

The Mentor Team

Nick Wing

Chief Mentor

IFC - Nick_Wing

James Price


IFC - James_Price

Adam Wilson


IFC - Adam_Wilson