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Come and join the leading Virtual Airline within the IFC


With over 200 members, we are one of the leading virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community. We strive for professionalism within our team and the servers we fly in. No matter if this is your first VA or your fifth you will immediately feel welcome here with thanks to the members that will make you immediately feel welcome.

We have an extensive range of routes that shadow real life British Airways routes with the add on of all the subsidiaries and codeshares from other Oneworld airlines. This means that as you progress through the ranks, you will have access to over 60 different aircraft and liveries!

We are highly spoken of within the Infinite Flight Community and if you see below, you will be able to see how busy our 200 plus members are, keeping our Flight Supervisory teams busy with all their PiReps from either flying the available routes or joining in with the events we hold. Voted "Best Virtual Airline" in the Infinite Flight Community Awards 2018.

A message from our President - CJ Houghton.

A warm welcome to the British Airways Virtual Airlines website.

As I have just taken over the role of President for this prestigious virtual airline, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in helping along this amazing journey to bring us where we are today. I believe our history is important. We started as Speedbird VA back in 2015 and took over the name of the UK's flagship airline, British Airways Virtual Airline in 2016. Now we are in 2019 and there have been some outstanding progressions through the years and I am truly proud to be sitting in the left seat to take us on higher into the smooth clouds.

As we are always trying to provide better and more effcient things for our members, we have been working hard to create this website with a built in Crew Centre. After quite some time we are proud to finally annouce that it is now open for business!

So please, browse and enjoy our site to see all the things we offer our professional Virtual Pilots and we hope to hear from you soon!

Come and join us in the skies. To Fly, To Serve.

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Latest 10 Flight Reports

Pilot Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Flight Time
  BAVA343 BA4457 EGLC EHRD 00:35:00
  BAVA286 BAW39 EGLL ZBAA 09:16:00
  BAVA141 BA794 EGLL EFHK 04:52:00
  BAVA447 BAW93 EGLL CYYZ 06:49:00
  BAVA205 BA794 EGLL EFHK 04:38:00
  BAVA120 BAW2955 EGPF EGKK 01:02:00
  BAVA205 BA139 EGLL VABB 16:54:00
  BAVA214 BAW165 EGLL LLBG 04:30:00
  BAVA333 BA147 EGLL OJAI 04:17:00
  BAVA251 BAW794 EGLL EFHK 04:16:00

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country BAVA Callsign Hired Date
  Sebastian Alvarenga U.S.A U.S.A BAVA394 2019-03-21
  Teejay Millard St Kitts and Nevis St Kitts and Nevis BAVA186 2019-03-21
  Joe Kelly United Kingdom United Kingdom BAVA340 2019-03-20
  shayan kohan United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates BAVA349 2019-03-20
  Gareth Patton United Kingdom United Kingdom BAVA319 2019-03-19
  William Chin U.S.A U.S.A BAVA262 2019-03-19
  Alexis Liew China China BAVA350 2019-03-18

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