Our Awards

Once you have reached Rank 8, you’ll notice that that is as far as it goes. Well, actually we have a few special badges for those who continually show their dedication to British Airways Virtual and if you continue to show your commitment, you may receive one of these badges!

Deputy President's Award Our first award within our Virtual Airline is the Deputy President's Award. It is bestowed upon pilots with 300 or more hours logged within our VA - that is the equivalent of twelve and a half days of continuous flight!
President's Award Our second award within our Virtual Airline, the President's Award is bestowed upon pilots with 500 or more hours logged within our VA - that’s almost twenty-one days’ worth of flight time!
OneWorld Bronze Award For those whom have gained the Presidential Award, the next step is the OneWorld Awards. The OneWorld Bronze Award is given to those for flying over 650 hours, making a total of twenty seven days flying!
OneWorld Silver Award This is the second award in the OneWorld series. This award is granted to those whom have flown over 800 hours! Another huge achievement for a member of BA Virtual! This award is the same as just over thirty three days of flight!
OneWorld Gold award This is the big OneWorld Award - the first award in which the required flight time is 1000 hours and above. That's equivalent to 41.6 days of flight time. Almost one and a half months in the air for BAVA! A huge amount of commitment and dedication has to be shown for this reward, and we thank any pilot who has shown this incredible amount of dedication to BAVA with this award.
OneWorld Platinum Award This is the highest and most prestigious award you can gain with us here at British Airways Virtual! The OneWorld Platinum award consists of over 1500 hours of flight, or the equivalent of sixty-two and a half days in the air! This award holds such an achievement showing the pure dedication and commitment someone has to the VA! Any Pilot who reaches this highly commendable achievement is permitted to change their BAVA callsign to whatever number they'd prefer!
IFATC For those qualified as Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controllers. With two tests required to join the ranks of IFATC, these members are skilled and highly knowledgeable in ATC commands and air traffic management, keeping the skies of Infinite Flight safe day in, day out.
Presidential Pilot The most prestigious pilot award within British Airways Virtual, bestowed by the President upon those who have shown unwavering dedication and support towards the Virtual Airline over a long period of time. This award is usually given to former staff of British Airways Virtual, recognising the dedication they have put into their roles.
Middle Leadership BAVA Staff who are present within the Middle Leadership Team (MLT) of BAVA. Flight Supervisors, Media Manager, HR Manager and many other job titles fall into this category. You may message these staff members for any general enquiries into the day-to-day running of British Airways Virtual.
Senior Leadership Members of BAVA's Senior Leadership Staff Team. Oversee the running and operations of British Airways Virtual as a whole, and come up with new and innovative ideas to keep this Virtual Airline ahead of its time!