Welcome to the website of one of the Infinite Flight Community's most vibrant and active Virtual Airlines. With nearly 500 destinations, 2,140+ routes, years worth of experience, and a drive to improve with every nautical mile we cover, we strive to offer an unparalleled Virtual Airline experience. Have a glance at where we're flying right now above!

One of the Infinite Flight Community's oldest and most established Virtual Airlines, originally founded in 2015.

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With over 300 members, we are one of the leading virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community. We strive for professionalism within our team and the skies we fly in. No matter if this is your first Virtual Airline or your fifth, you will immediately feel welcome here thanks to our warm and friendly atmosphere, which continues to inspire and motiviate our pilots, day-in, day-out.

We have an extensive range of routes that shadow real life British Airways routes with the add on of all the subsidiaries and codeshares from other Oneworld airlines. This means that as you progress through the ranks, you will have access to over 60 different aircraft and liveries!

We are highly spoken of within the Infinite Flight Community and if you see below, you will be able to see how busy our 300+ members are, keeping our Flight Supervisory teams busy with all their PiReps from either flying the available routes or joining in with the events we hold. Voted as 'Best Virtual Airline' in the Infinite Flight Community Awards for two consecutive years.

A message from our President - Darragh O'Donoghue.

A warm welcome to the British Airways Virtual Airline website.

Hello, future BAVA pilots! I'm delighted that you've taken the time to have a look at our multi-award winning VA. It is my pleasure to be serving as the 6th President. When I joined BAVA as a pilot back in January of 2017, I never thought that I'd be here over 3 years later. It stands as a testament to just how engaging BAVA is. I've met people in this VA that I'm proud to call friends and have indeed met up with in person. Since we were founded back in 2016, we have seen exponential growth and progress take place in our VA. We now pride ourselves for providing a professional and enjoyable experience that no other VA can provide. Over 3 years of innovative and clever leadership has led us to become one of the biggest, most successful and respected VAs on the IFC; I've always said that I think we have one of the best team of staff. So, prospective BAVA pilots: I encourage you to join our large and thriving community. An experience unlike anything you've ever experienced before awaits you in British Airways Virtual Airline!

Please browse and enjoy our site to see all the things we offer our professional virtual pilots and we hope to hear from you soon!

Come and join us in the skies. To Fly, To Serve.

Latest BAVA News

“IF” in the Skies: A Very Special 777 Event

Posted on Thursday 25th June 2020 by Chris Wing.

We're back with another event! Our Events team has been busy planning an fantastic event for everyone to join. This event is open to everyone, so even if you aren’t part of BAVA, you can still join. So come join us in London for the Infinite Flight 20.1 event you’ve all been waiting for!

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2019 Year in Review

Posted on Friday 3rd January 2020 by Adam Williams

2019 was a year of Milestones for us all at British Airways Virtual - from our three years of operations, to our 100,000th flight hour, to even being reposted by Chicago O'Hare Airport's Official Instagram Page! Alongside this review comes further operational announcements as we bid farewell to our Deputy President Adam Williams. Continue to read more about our achievements and a final farewell from me as Deputy President via the link below.

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Latest 10 Flight Reports:

Pilot Flight No.
BAVA236 BA223
BAVA439 BAW816
BAVA236 BA608
BAVA236 QR968
BAVA392 BA496
BAVA165 BA277
BAVA353 BA408
BAVA310 AA38
BAVA310 AA1870
BAVA107 BA9053

Latest Members:

Pilot Name Callsign
  Volodymyr Dubei BAVA290
  Isaac Helfer BAVA296
  Adam Ajmal BAVA187
  Archie Brooke BAVA160
  Cameron Sowter BAVA101
  Arvin S BAVA184
  John Davis BAVA192

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